Because he's bad, uh huh, you know it. Aaron has been a musician for over 25 yrs. His latest interest lies in Funk/Rock Fusion but his roots stem from Rock and Metal. He doesnt limit anything when it comes to music!


Apart from drums he also has a sweet spot in his heart for the kazoo and auto harp. His hyper OCD makes him thrive in areas such as house cleaning and Flux Capacitor Engineering. Hailing from the OC, this California dude can also be found nosing around for whatever chocolate is within reach, particularly Reese's....OMG maybe he's ET!


He's our Musical Director, fearless leader, kick in the butt, and driving force! His passion is renewed with each show by savoring the sweet nectar from the joy that this band brings to people and its members. He doesn't think much about world domination....his sights are set on the universe! It is the end of the world as we know it after all. Aaron's signature color is Neon Pink. Keep an eye out for flying drumsticks! <o>


This bad to the bone keyboard player was whipped into shape by every 8 yr old's fantasy- a highly accomplished Nun who wasn't afraid to use a yardstick. By his teens, Jerry was already playing jazz/pop gigs at pro hockey games. Jerry can also lead with the Alto/Tenor Sax, but with his keys he can theoretically play just about every instrument in the world....with the right patch.


Apart from getting footloose, riding Harleys and golfing in his sparetime, Jerry can be found on the interwebs and his puter. The man in Neon Red can be seen going like totally out there over his favorite song to play is "Mr. Crowley", oh wait a minute, that's not on the list- ok "Centerfold!"


His plan for world domination is to become a double agent for Pinky and the Brain, secretly awaiting for just the right opportunity while masquerading as a keyboard player for some '80s party band.  Oooh he could have saved the plot of Miami Vice! Hmmm looks like he's pretty far along with his plan!! Rut Roh Raggy~


This new kid on the block rockin’ the Neon Green is the newest member of Neon Radio and he brings some serious funk (don’t worry, he takes regular showers). He first picked up the low end when he started playing stand-up bass in the fifth grade. From there he experimented with many different styles of music and picked up the electric bass before settling on funk, soul, & reggae grooves as the sounds that really shake him all night long.


When he’s not hyping things up on stage you can find him making tasty alcoholic beverages at your very own local brewery, Raleigh Brewing Company! Feel free to try & stump him with some beer trivia, if you dare. He’s also known for his penchant for zombie stories, but have no fear, he doesn’t bite…much.


His favorite thing about playing with Neon Radio is the pure joy and elation that he sees on the crowd’s face when their favorite song starts up. That’s when it gets real! While Rush is his favorite all-time band, his favorite song to play with Neon Radio is “Rio”.


Oh such a smooth criminal! Robbie, our radical man in Neon Blue, knows exactly how to get a party started. Starting out as a young kid on grandma's piano, he quickly moved onto guitar and electric piano. He focused on pop punk tunes and video game music. Just playing music, however, wasn't enough, the world of recording, sound engineering and knowing how to use the latest tech tools Robbie headed off  to MLEC, a Sound Engineering and Music Technology academy. While he learned the fundamentals he delved into his soul and fell in love with Jazz. He credits this new passion to his teacher, Dr. Joshua Grau.


I wonder who he credits for all the food pics? Robbie loves sharing with the world exactly what he's about to injest. Just don't gag us with a spoon ok? Challenge him to a game of Centipede or Pacman and be prepared to meet your match! When he's not giving Eddie Van Halen a run for his money he can be found playing classic video games and extreme sports.


No seriously folks, Robbie can get busy with a bunch of instruments and really rocks out to AC/DC's Shook Me. He lets the music envelop him and really cuts loose. He brings a lot of fun and feeds off seeing the audience smile :)  He hopes to one day touch the hearts and minds of the human race with pure joy! Hey now, it would be bodacious if he can play guitar and skateboard at the same time?


Dave is the Man in Yellow...On lead/backing vocals, he brings a fresh, new dynamic to Neon Radio with his smooth tone, and rock-solid performance!  Check back soon to learn more about Dave, and what he fancies :-)


Girls just wanna have fun, right?  Well this California Girl definitely does, and as our female lead singer she's gonna make sure you do to with her face-melting power ballads, rock-solid harmonies, and high energy performances!  Mina brings with her a lifetime of experience singing everything from Showtunes to Country, to Motown, to Heavy Metal!  Talk about totally RAD!!! This tubular chick's got the beat for sure!!  

Mina has a huge heart and an avid supporter of the Raleigh Local Music, The Carolina Tiger Rescue Preserve, animal and humanitarian efforts, and of course, having the time of her life with her friends.  Mina will dress you up with her love with unique costume changes which light up the stage when she shows off her best dance moves! We aren't kidding about the "light up"....oh yeah you wanna definitely check it out!

Mina doesn't actually want world domination, instead she envisions a universe where the goal is not acquiring all the riches and toys but rather making the happiest memories and being the most loving person possible. Come and introduce yourself to Mina as she would totally go wild to meet you!